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Acquisition of Data

Provided your media file or files have not already been procured, we can extract the desired file from the smart phone / tablet / recording device where it is stored, or, in the case of voicemails, download the desired audio message or messages from the server.  Original, edited, enhanced and/or cleaned-up files can be delivered in a number of ways as per customer preference.  (See All File Types Supported below.)

Your Evidence is Secure

We follow established chain of evidence protocol and never outsource any of our work.  All analysis and/or processing of media is done on a digital copy.  In the case of smart phones, etc., once your evidence has been "cloned," we lock up the physical device and don't touch it until it is returned to you.

Audio Cleanup
Audio cleanup

Audio cleanup involves the removal of sound components that are obtrusive or that mask important content, typically dialogue.  This process can involve lowering or removing background ambience, reducing traffic noise, suppressing reverberation (i.e. "echo" present in a hall or garage setting), or the removal of specific sounds, such as a car horn or a dog barking.  In the case of evidence in legal cases, the goal is typically to achieve maximum intelligibility of speech.  In other (typically media post-production) cases, the goal more likely is to produce pristine audio with specific unwanted elements removed.
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Audio Enhancement

Audio enhancement goes hand-in-hand with audio cleanup and is of particular importance in dealing with files related to litigation or criminal cases.  This process involves the use of equalization and filtering which target voice frequencies, along with compression and leveling, pursuant to maximizing the intelligibility of speech.
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Forensic Authentication of Digital Audio

Clarion Labs Media Services owner/chief engineer Eric Westfall, being certified as having completed the Digital Audio Forensic Authentication Course offered by the National Center for Media Forensics at Colorado University, Denver, is qualified to forensically authenticate digital audio files.  The authentication of digital audio proferred in litigation and criminal cases has become increasingly important as software capable of altering/tampering with digital evidence has become more and more prevalent and sophisticated.

Video Resolution Enhancement

Low-resolution video can be enhanced utilizing software that looks at pixels before and after each frame in order to intelligently produce new detail, potentially rendering previously unidentifiable facial features or license plate numbers identifiable.
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Video Editing

We offer professional video editing services which may include color correction, addition of transitions, video effects and/or titles.  Additionally, the audio portion of video can be exported, cleaned-up, edited and/or enhanced, and subsequently reimported into the original video format.

Digital Court Recorder (DCR) File Audio

We can extract and process audio recordings from Digital Court Recorder (DCR) files; however, it is not possible to re-import that audio into the DCR format.  This is not for a lack of technical prowess, rather, DCR recorders are designed to affix a time stamp in real time during the recording process and these files cannot be altered, for obvious reasons.

All File Types Supported

We can work with and/or convert to and from all standard audio and video formats, i.e. wav, aiff, mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, etc.  Completed work can be delivered in any desired format, saved to thumb drive, transferred over a password-protected internet transfer service, or burned to audio CD or, in the case of video, to DVD.

Expert Testimony

Our owner/chief engineer is available to testify in Court as to forensic analysis done or specific processes applied pursuant to cleanup and enhancement of digital evidence.


Completed work can be stored on a data CD and archived here for a modest fee (for future reference), or, once your evidence and processed files are securely in your hands, erased entirely from our computers if that is your preference.  Barring either of the above, we nominally keep files related to your work on our hard drive for 6 months before deleting it.

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