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Clarion Labs provides a wide range of media-related services, including audio clean-up and enhancement, video editing and resolution enhancement, as well as retrieval of media from mobile devices and download and preservation of voicemail messages.

Eric Westfall

Eric Westfall, owner/chief engineer
40 years experience

The proliferation of smart phones capable of recording interactions and conversations, both in video and audio form, coupled with advancements in media repair and enhancement software and our expertise in their application, make Clarion Labs an invaluable partner to the legal community, law enforcement, as well as media production houses in need of surgical removal of unwanted sounds from audio.

We are located in Tucson, Arizona where local pickup and return of mobile devices, audio CD's, etc. is offered.  Naturally, provided that media is in the form of digital files that can be securely exchanged over the internet, we offer our services worldwide.