About Clarion Labs Media Services

Eric Westfall

       Owner/engineer Eric Westfall's history as a recording engineer/producer/mixer stretches back 40 years, having made well over 100 records on three continents.  Accolaides include a Billboard number-one record and single in the UK, over a dozen top-ten or number-one records in Japan, and several records that reached the top ten on Billboard's US alternative charts.

Clarion Labs Media Services

       Clarion Labs Media Services was created in 2016 in response to dramatic changes in technology over the past decade: the capabilities of smart phones and their proliferation, the subsequent increase of digital media proffered in criminal cases and litigation, the ease with which digital media evidence can now be tampered with and the need for such evidence to be forensically authenticated, and finally, recent revolutionary developments in software capable of cleaning up and enhancing digital audio and video to an extent not thought possible only a few years ago.

       These advancements have resulted in the opening of a new niche which, Eric quicky learned, only a handful of companies across the country had risen to fill.  So in March of 2016, he completed the Forensic Audio Authentication course offered by the National Center for Media Forensics at Colorado University, Denver, formed Clarion Labs Media Services later that year, and opened his doors on E. Grant Road in Tucson in early 2017.