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Media extracted from mobile devices
Voicemail messages preserved
Speech enhanced and boosted
Background noise suppressed
Targeted sounds surgically removed*
Video resolution enhanced, editing

Eric Westfall at Clarion Labs Media Services       Clarion Labs offers a full range of media-related services, from audio clean-up and enhancement, editing and mixing to video resolution enhancement as well as editing.  Other services offered include the retrieval of digital media from smart phones and other devices, downloading and preservation of messages from voicemail servers as well as authentication of digital audio files for legal purposes.

     With the proliferation of mobile devices that have the capability to record interactions and conversations, either in video or purely audio form, digitally recorded evidence is becoming more and more commonplace in criminal and legal proceedings.  These types of recordings are commonly of less than ideal fidelity and the speech content can be questionable, if not sometimes unintelligible.  Using advanced sound processing software, we at Clarion can isolate and enhance the voice portion of audio to the exclusion of background noise and other interfering sounds to an unprecedented degree, resulting in a marked improvement in intelligibility.  Using similar techniques, we can suppress or even surgically remove specific unwanted sounds from targeted audio, making Clarion an invaluable partner to media production and post houses dealing with audio recorded under less than ideal conditions.

      Clarion Labs is located in Tucson, Arizona where we also offer local pickup and return of mobile devices, audio CD's, etc.  Naturally, provided that media is in the form of digital files that can be securely exchanged over the internet, we offer our services worldwide.

* The successful removal of targeted sounds is contingent on a variety of factors.  In some cases, an unwanted sound element can be effectively eliminated, while in other cases reduced to varying degrees.

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